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How You Treat Others Comes Back

Always remember how you treat others it will come back to you no matter what you do to change the situation. It never comes right away but when it does get to you not only will you feel it but it mess with your mind bad. I never bother people in a bad way I will just let you do whatever you want and let KARMA meet you its better and more crucial. Then you feel bad and wonder why things are happening to you. Please remember when you doing it you had not one care in world. Now you want to cry and deal with the person you done wrong only for them to overlook you.


What The Bones Dr. Said

Driving my Uber I picked up this 27 year old man who gave me a great conversation. I found out he was a bones dr he said if you dont use 17 minutes a day to walk your bones will get weaker. I looked at him like he was crazy and told him so. He said when he was in surgery the patient bones were soft he could put his finger through it. Me again looked at him saying get out of town , slap my face naww! He laughed at me but I was serious about that looking at him until the red light turned green.

Money from Home

Killing Me Off !

I’m minding my business all day every day so it is expected that others in this world do the same. It hurts me to the core that killing me off is a good thing to others when I’m really not thinking about you period. I don’t care if you living or dead it’s just not my business to care. I can’t live your life so don’t try to predict or judge mine by killing me off , that’s for the weak. But it’s nice to know people will never have nice things to say about you even if you never say anything bad about them. I’m just giving the person who killing me this to think about, when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed always pray it changes things in your mind so maybe you won’t have to kill others off.

Lets Make Each Other Happy